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About us
JSC “REALM JURIDICAL” and JSC “SOSTINĖS TEISĖ” are legal services companies with highly qualified teams of lawyers who have accumulated valuable experience and achieved high level of service provision throughout the entire period of the existence of the companies.
 We think that successful work results can be reached only when the essence of executed work is made of the pursuit process, not the result itself. We like our work and we are experts in our field, which guarantees the quality of rendered legal services and results meeting the expectations.


Debt recovery

Pre-trial debt recovery

You will save Your time and financial resources, avoid long and complicated litigation procedures; You will provide opportunity to Your debtor to return Your money to You on the basis of good will principle (out-of-court)


Legal debt recovery

If it is impossible to settle with the debtor peacefully and the latter does not use the opportunity of “good will” principle – to pay the debt without coercive measures.



Disciplinary measure for default or unsatisfactory execution of financial obligations. It is a measure which helps to reduce the risk of delayed settlement and a warning of possible more resolute legal ways of debt recovery.


Administration of
company’s debts

Assistance of qualified lawyers is relevant in every company’s activity. It is not only valuable when resolving disputes in court but also constantly executing preventative work with debtors.


Debt recovery under claim
assignment contract

Debt assignment on the basis of claim assignment contract. You will not incur any additional costs and advance payments related to debt recovery procedure.


Other legal service

Purchase-sale of shares.
Representation in bailiff’s office when executing recovery.
Employer/employee representation./
Initiation of bankruptcy case

Bankruptcy law
Company bankruptcy by judicial procedure

In this complicated economic development period, more and more economic subjects are unable to execute their obligations – to return debts - due to objective and subjective reasons.

Company bankruptcy by out-of-court procedure

Does your company have financial difficulties, huge obligations, work at a loss and do You think that You are on the verge of bankruptcy, but You still doubt??

Termination of the company bankruptcy case

The Law on the Company Bankruptcy regulates that a creditor has a right to bring an action in court and about initiating bankruptcy case against a debtor.

Bankruptcy of a natural person

Bankruptcy of a natural person is the whole of legal procedures when a debtor declares about his/her inability to execute financial obligations to creditors.



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Laisvės av 115A, Vilnius
Phone.: +370 5 213 48 13
info@sostinesteise.lt admin@juridical.lt

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