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About us

UAB "REALM JURIDICAL" and UAB "SOSTINĖS TEISĖ" are legal service companies, in which teams of lawyers, qualified and having accumulated valuable experience over the entire existence of the companies, and having achieved a high level of service provision, work.
We believe that successful results can be achieved in work only when the essence of the tasks implemented is not the result, but the process of striving for it. We love our job and are experts in our field, which ensures the quality of the legal services provided and results that meet expectations.
We provide legal services and consultations in all areas of law to both individuals and legal entities. We follow and are aware of all changes in laws, we expand our range of services depending on the needs of these days.
We specialize in debt recovery and also consult on company bankruptcy administration, company restructuring issues.
Our advantage - we act decisively and effectively, we use all, even non-standard, legal means to solve your problems.
We invite you to contact us about your legal questions. We will individually evaluate and analyze your situation, find and suggest the optimal solution to your problem.
For more information call + 370 5 213 48 13 or email admin@juridical.lt, info@sostinesteise.lt
What is professional, gained with experience and reliable...
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