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Price list

Pricing for Services Provided by UAB "REALM JURIDICAL" and UAB "Sostinės teisė":


Service Name Price excl. VAT (EUR)
Representation and defense of natural and legal person interests in court From 200 per session + 0.25/1km.
 Establishment of a legal entity (In Lithuania) From 300
 Restructuring of a legal entity 250
 Establishment of a Works Council 200
 Amendment of Statutes**** 120
 Purchase-Sale of Shares From 150
 Legal and Non-Legal Document Analysis From 90
Company Legal Administration  From 200
 Contract Preparation From 200
 Contract Evaluation, Correction From 20/1 page
 Preparation of Peace Treaty From 150
 Change of Company's Share Capital From 200
 Change of Company's Name From 150
 Company Mediation in Purchase/Sale of a Company, Investor Search X*
 Consulting on Company Restructuring, Reorganization X*
 Preparation of Creditor's Claim From 240
 Preparation of Application and Documentation for Bankruptcy Proceedings From 600
 Conducting Company's Non-Judicial Bankruptcy Procedures From 5000
 Preparation of Application to the Court (By Order) From 120
 Preparation of Response to a Claim, Separation, Duplicate, Triplicate From 350
 Preparation of Claim in Documentary Procedure From 350
 Preparation of a Claim in Dispute Procedure From 400
 Preparation of Complaint, Claim From 120
 Preparation of Notification - Demand From 60
 Preparation of Letter 48
 Preparation of a Letter for Issuing an Enforcement Document 50
 Preparation of a Letter to a Bailiff for the Application of Protective Measures 50
 Pre-judicial Debt and Damage Recovery From 10% success fee of the recovered amount
 Debt Write-off 60
 Preventive Pressure 150/annum
 Submission of Information about the Company From 60
 Representation at Bailiff's Office During Recovery 150
 Representation of Employer/Employee From 200
 Employee Admission, Dismissal, Disciplinary Sanction From 120
 Determination of Spouses' Common Property Share From 300
 Inheritance Document Arrangement From 300
 Registration of Trademark Industrial Design From 240
 Family Legal Services X*
 Purchase of Claim X*
 Other Legal Services 90/hour
 Registration of Beneficial Owner 50
 Mortgage Registration/Deregistration between Legal Entities 90
 Legal Consultation (Including Phone Consultations)** 90/hour


* The prices of these services are determined individually
** Phone consultations are calculated with a precision of 5 min
*** A surcharge of 20% applies for urgent work completed within 1 business day
**** Amendment of statutes and registration address change 150 EUR Statutes amendment and share capital increase or decrease 200 EUR
Debt Administration and Pre-judicial Debt Recovery
(When a legal administration agreement has been signed)
Legal Administration Price per Calendar Month excl. VATNumber of Debtors per Calendar MonthSuccess Fee from Recovered Amount excl. VAT
 200 EUR up to 20 5 %
 300 EUR up to 32 5 %
 350 EUR up to 46 5 %
 450 EUR up to 72 5 %




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