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Debt recovery by pre-trial procedure – is a way of debt recovery and if you choose it:

  • You will save your time and financial resources, avoid long and complicated litigation procedures;
  • You will provide opportunity to your debtor to return your money to you on the basis of good will principle (out-of-court);
  • You will pay the fee for rendered services (debt recovery), i.e. an agreed percent of debt amount after the debt recovery;
  • You will not be charged in case there are new circumstances which will make it impossible to implement further pre-trial debt recovery process.

In order to initiate pre-trial debt recovery process, you need:
  • To contact us;
  • To provide us with documents proving the basis of debt.

By all legal measures we will seek to justify Your (creditor’s) property claim.

More information by tel. No.: +370 5 213 4813, e-mail: info@sostinesteise.lt



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