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Disciplinary measure for default or unsatisfactory execution of financial obligations. It is a measure which helps to reduce the risk of delayed settlement and a warning of possible more resolute legal ways of debt recovery.
Preventive stamp can be used to mark:
Preventive stamp can be:
Preventive stamp may be intended for:
  • Cooperation contracts;
  • Invoices;
  • Work transfer-acceptance acts;
  • Other documents of Your company.
  • Marked by stamp on Your relevant documents;
  • Marked by electronic stamp on Your relevant electronic documents.
  • Lithuanian partners and clients;
  • Foreign partners and clients (in English).
Remind your partners and clients that their payments are observed, administered by professionals, and, in case of necessity, measures will be taken to guarantee the execution of obligations.
More information by tel. No.: +370 5 213 4813, e-mail: info@sostinesteise.lt
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